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20 iconic modern close-mid range gun sprites each with multiple modified variants. Each weapon set consists of:

  • Stock version with no attachments
  • With scope/holo sight
  • with scope + forward attachment such as a foregrip, lasers, bipod etc
  • All of the above but with a suppressor attached

Each gun has a minimum of 6 variants. Some weapons will also have extra sets that have been further modified by me and can include new furniture, mags, handguards, stocks etc. This adds up to 234 individual weapon sprites!

Also included is an image with all the attachments(besides suppressors) so you can build your guns as you see fit.

Weapons included:

  • SMGs
    • PP-19-01
    • AKS 74U
    • MPX
    • MP7
    • MP5
    • P90
    • Kriss Vector
  • ARs
    • AS VAL
    • M4
    • AK-74
    • MCX
    • Honey Badger
    • SCAR-H
  • LMGs
    • PKM / PKP
    • RPK-16
    • Stoner AMG (prototype)
  • Long-range boys
    • SR-25
    • SKS
    • SVD
    • M1A / M14EBR

My colour palette used:  Gun Metal Russia (on Lospec)

If you want to see these in an actual game, check out Apocalypse Gunsmith

Freely use in your video games, websites, personal projects etc. Not to be resold 

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Tags2D, Asset Pack, gun, Pixel Art, Retro, Top-Down, Unity, Weapons


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Hi there Mack,
I love the guns you made and the Gunsmith Demo.
I'm currently making a game with a few friends where we'd want gun attachments to be the unique selling point.
I bought ur pack already and I'm currently recoloring and optimizing them to our needs.
But just to be sure I wanted to ask if we're allowed to use those assets modified or not for commercial use also ^^
We'd make sure to credit you obviously :D

And a tiny question on the side...
Where did you get those amazing weapon sounds from? ^^

Hey! You have full permission to use and modify them how you like. Also thanks, the gun sounds were made by me from smashing a bunch of different live gun sounds from various youtube videos.

(1 edit)

Hi, thanks alot for your quick response!
And thanks a bunch for letting us use your amazing artwork!
I'm also looking forward to Rogue North ^^
About the sounds...
How exactly did you pull it of to make them sound so powerful?
I'm really interested in that topic, since sound design is something I'd like to get into, but for now I'd like to make an already existing gunshot sound more powerful ^^
Thanks in advance for your answer, and good luck with that game of yours. Gonna be on that wishlist of mine

I'm really not a sound designer, so I don't really know exactly how to do it. Basically all depends on how you layer the sounds. Sometimes just playing a pitched down gunshot with increased bass under everything adds some punch. I've mostly just learned from experimenting and really paying attention to how guns sound in games like Modern Warfare and Insurgency sandstorm.

Is the gun animation included in the pack?

No, just sprites

could you add rpg?

This pack wont be updated sorry 

ah ok i understand

Amazing work, nice guns.

Thanks man

Awesome work. Couldn't take advantage of the sale Bro. $5 was comfortable for me. Awesome pack.


Thank you! Very kind

damn those guns look really good. 1$ is way too cheap for this whole pack.

Thanks man!

Hello, we are the student team that develops games in Korea. I really like your pixel art. 

If you don't mind, can our game pixel designer buy this asset file and modify it and use it for the game? 

Yep thats fine

Hey Mack, big fan here, nice work !

I know that I asked in the ww2 assets but I would like to know if you think about adding another version of the pack with animation(), if yes please let me know I would be interested!!

second, can you pls upload a image of all guns? ^^ 

Glad you like my stuff but animating all 234 sprites would be an insane amount of work. Also, I haven't uploaded an image of them all to deter copying since it's not free like the old WW2 pack

ohhh Got it, tks!

Great guns for really cheap, thanks Mack

You're welcome my dude

Could you add them all to one zip?

Yep. Dont know why I didnt do that in the first place. Thanks lol