One last update

This is the final update to Apocalypse Gunsmith! I know theres not a whole lot of "game" here but what is here its 8 cool guns and so many parts to customize them with.


  • An original burst-fire battle rifle design,. Fires 3 round bursts and is kinda cool
  • AS VAL with tons of parts, including an unsuppressed version
  • randomly placed wall obstacles that get regenerated every 5 waves
  • Most guns have a bunch of new parts
  • The locker now has a ton of new cosmetics
  • legs

  • Wave counter


  • No more big zombies, just normal and small guys. They're faster now too
  • Weapon upgrade XP is increased a lot. It takes much less time to upgrade guns now
  • Tons of parts have had their stats tweaked to allow for more customization without worrying too much about weight and recoil.
  • You can now see what level your guns are when you hold them, not just in the bench.

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Mar 03, 2022

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damn if you ever wanna sell the source code to this hit me up id be interested in buying it off you

Trust me you do NOT want this shit 

Would still gladly buy it lol, if you dont wanna its alright but still would 

If you do wanna sell it send me a email